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Aircraft Appraisals

All of our appraisals are led by Rick Pollock, a seasoned professional in aircraft sales and leasing with decades of experience.

Specializing in the air ambulance, corporate, commuter airline, and regional airline markets, his knowledge spans a diverse range of aircraft, including light turboprops, business jets, and larger turbo props like Dash 8’s.

Rick Pollock’s extensive industry knowledge ensures that our appraisals are not just numbers, but a fair and accurate reflection of your aircraft’s true worth.


Unlock the true market value of your aircraft

Our aircraft appraisal services cater to various needs, including lending, marketing, and insurance-related assignments. 

We bring technical precision to every step, ensuring a thorough assessment of your aircraft’s worth.


Our extensive experience in aircraft sales and leasing ensures a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics, allowing us to deliver precise aircraft valuations that instill confidence in lenders. 

Enhance your marketing strategy with accurate aircraft valuations and valuable insights that will  give you a competitive edge in the market.

Our appraisals for insurance-related assignments provide a clear and reliable assessment of your aircraft’s value, giving you the assurance you need in safeguarding your aviation assets.

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